Elite Weight Loss Coaching Program

Ready to Lose Weight for GOOD?

3 Month Elite Weight Loss Coaching Program

  • Kick-off call (virtual)

  • Personalized meal plan to get to your goals

  • Daily food diary accountability through a shared app

  • Daily email accountability

  • Bi-Weekly coaching calls (virtual)

  • Weekly check-ins to make sure you are staying on track to losing weight

  • Mindset and stress management workbook

  • EWL custom recipe books

  • Corresponding EWL course

  • Additional resources to meet your needs

Please take a few minutes to tell me more about yourself and your goals to apply for the Elite Weight Loss Coaching program.


What is your client success rate?


I am there to support and coach you every single day. If something doesn’t work, we will work together and create a solution that will work for you.

Of course you need to put in the work, show up, and trust the process.

My clients achieved results they were never able to get previously, and you can too!

How much weight can I expect to lose?

The coaching program is designed to aim for a 1-2lb weight loss per week. This is considered healthy, sustainable weight loss. 

Where does the program take place?

The coaching program is completely online! We will communicate PLENTY through Zoom, emails, and the app.

What can I expect for support?

LOTS of support! You will be supported daily through email, the app we share, and on Zoom.

You will get daily feedback so that you can make changes on your eating, immediately, which will expedite you to your weight loss goals!

Will this work for me if I'm vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or have food allergies?

Yes. The coaching program is customized for each individual, based on their medical conditions and dietary restrictions/preferences.

Can I still eat out and drink alcohol while following the program?

Yes! The coaching program is designed to be flexible and work with your lifestyle. You will learn how to eat out and enjoy alcohol while losing weight!

I have extended health benefits. Is this coaching program covered by my extended health?

Most insurance providers cover dietitian services.  Please check with your insurance provider if “registered dietitian” is covered in your extended health plan and how much is covered. Receipts can be provided to maximize your coverage.

I need to create a healthy relationship with food, will this coaching program address that?

Yes! The coaching program is personalized to each individual. Creating a healthy relationship with food is fundamental for weight loss and long-term success.

You will be coached on how to think and what to do to create a healthy relationship with food. 

I have health conditions (like diabetes, high cholesterol, IBS, etc), will this coaching program work for me?

Yes. The plan is customized for EACH individual. Your customized plan will address any nutrition-related medical condition to reverse, manage, or reduce the risk of it from developing.

My clients have reversed and lowered type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure diagnoses and manages their IBS symptoms WHILE losing weight. (Just to name a few medical conditions).

And…Adrienne is a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Will I have to cut carbs in the program?

No, unless you would like to.

The coaching program is designed for you to be able to enjoy ALL foods. This includes rice, bread, pasta, and treats like chocolate, chips, and ice cream.

Do you focus on exercise in the program?

The coaching program is focused on eating for weight loss. If you exercise, great- your customized plan for weight loss will take that into consideration.

You do not need to exercise to lose weight, however, physical activity is great to build muscle to help for weight loss and for overall health.

What happens after the program?

The coaching program is created for you to be confident and equipped to continue your journey on your own. I will provide you the education, resources, and tools to ensure your success beyond the 3 months. 

That being said, if you want further support, there are options to continue working together!

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