Learn The 3 Easy Steps To Get Lasting Weight Loss

(Without Dieting and Depriving Yourself)…While Enjoying Carbs!

Feel Like Restricting Carbs Or Food X Is The ONLY Way To Lose Weight?

 No Fluff, Jam Packed 40min Walkthrough, You’ll Learn How To Lose Weight And Keep It Off:

  • The 3 STEP system for lasting weight loss that doesn’t include dieting and deprivation. My clients have lost up to 20lbs in 3 months (plus more after) using this method.
  • Why carbs aren’t your enemy and how restricting carbs doesn’t help with weight loss.
  • The mythbusting science behind how restricting carbs actually prevents you from reaching your weight loss goals. 
  • Why generic diet plans set you up to fail and what to do instead. 
  • How to save your time and energy by avoiding the 3 most common mistakes that prevent you from lasting weight loss and the steps you can take to reach your weight loss goals.

Hi, I’m Adrienne, Registered Dietitian…

I teach busy professionals how to sustainably lose weight and change their mindset about food, forever! No more dieting…eating right to lose weight and keep it off becomes a lifestyle. 

I have over 7 years of experience as a registered dietitian and have successfully coached thousands of clients to reach their healthy eating and weight goals.

I’m excited to share my expert knowledge and experience with you in this training!

Adrienne Ngai, Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, MSc.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight for years, frustrated with being on and off diets, spent too much time on Google searching for the next new weight loss plan, and are ready for a lifestyle change to keep the weight off for good– then this training is for you!


Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Here!

A Little About Adrienne


I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the past 8 years with weight loss, healthy eating, and body image goals! Tried and true, my Elite Weight Loss Program works!


I am a board certified Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with a Master’s in Nutrition! I have spent over a decade learning about how to use food as a means to live a healthy and fulfilling life!


I’ll create a personalized game plan for you to get to your weight loss and healthy eating goals. This is not a cookie-cutter plan! It is based on foods you like to eat, your lifestyle, and food allergies/intolerances!


You will eat REAL food. You will be educated about making healthy food choices that you ENJOY while feeling more confident with your body!

What My Clients Have To Say

I did a lot of research on different dietitians/nutritionists prior to choosing Adrienne. She was always my number 1 choice but I thought I’d look around to see what else is out there. Many of the professionals I contacted did not provide the commitment that Adrienne provides.

Adrienne is there with you every step of the way, every meal, providing fantastic feedback. Other professionals have the mentality of “you eat this a lot so we’ll need to cut this out cause it’s not good.” Adrienne, however, has the complete opposite approach. I love pizza and cheesy foods – she helped me create a fulfilling/satisfying meal plan that incorporates all that for me. A diet plan with pizza!!! Sounds too good to be true but she makes it happen.

She really does care about her clients and wants to make sure they’re not feeling deprived and its a doable lifestyle change.

I’m beyond happy I decided to go with Adrienne – this change is extremely sustainable and flexible, but super effective. Thanks Adrienne!!! You’re the best! 🙂

Simrit Sian

If you’re looking to stop yo yo “dieting” and ready to learn how to incorporate all of the foods you love into your lifestyle, lose weight slowly and sustainably, end your negative relationship with food and make small habit changes that lead to long term mindset changes, Adrienne is for you. She will not make you eliminate any foods, instead she coaches you on how to be mindful about your eating, lose weight safely and in a healthy way, and change your narrative around food/dieting/body image and weight loss.

I would recommend people who are seriously looking to change their lifestyle and be a healthier version of themselves to reach out to Adrienne with an open mind, and commit to the process. She’s educated, empathetic, and will not give you a cookie cutter plan. She holds you accountable, while being non-judgemental and encouraging.

I lost 16 pounds in 12 weeks and feel confident about keeping it off and maintaining my new healthy weight, and most importantly, I’ve learned the tools needed to feel in control, at all times, of my weight and my mindset.

Jessica M