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Are you ready to be in control of what you eat and still enjoy the foods you love?

Hi, I’m Adrienne. I’m a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE), weight loss coach and healthy eating expert.

Let me help you with your healthy weight and eating goals.

Your Healthy Eating Journey Begins Here

It can be hard to eat healthy and be at a healthy weight. I know because I’ve been there.

I’ve battled with being overweight since I was a child. And in first-year university, I gained 20 lbs from mindless and emotional eating as a way to cope with the academic stress. This started my journey of yo-yo dieting. I have tried variations of low carb, calorie restricted and low-fat diets.

The turning point was when I realized how much I enjoyed food. I found peace and comfort in accepting that I am likely not going to have a svelte body (I’m a bit more curvy, by default) and I was ok with that. I embraced eating all foods, with enjoyment. Knowing that I have a balanced and healthy diet (that I was in control of) and an active lifestyle made my relationship with food and body image healthy. And this is how I focus my current practice with clients.

I love teaching clients that eating to achieve a healthy diet and body weight doesn’t include dieting, deprivation and guilt. I do this by providing personalized dietary recommendations and delicious meal plans that work with their lifestyle and preferences. Together, we set realistic goals for sustainable lifestyle changes that are enjoyable for the long haul.

Let’s get started! Learn more about my programs here.



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