I’m so thankful meeting Adrienne Ngai. I was a bit nervous before the initial meeting with her because it was the first time I would openly talk about my bad diet habits and I knew it was the push I really needed but I didn’t really know what to expect.

My experience working with her was fantastic! She completely understood my concerns and made it very possible for me to sustain a new way of eating which I didn’t think was possible doing on my own. She helped me lose 10lbs in 2 months which was really difficult for me to do before!

The meal plan she gave me was super easy to follow and having her as my support system helped me better understand that eating better doesn’t only require eating salad all the time. I really enjoyed talking to her; I never felt like I was being judged for having such poor eating habits and she was more than helpful figuring out ways for me to better prepare my meals based on the kind of lifestyle I have.

I appreciated that she shared her own experiences and overall, she treated me like a friend and gave me the council and confidence I needed to make such massive changes to my lifestyle on my own.

Port-Coquitlam, BC

Kriselle C.

Great, great service, professional and friendly.

I was capable of losing weight without being hungry.

I lost 20lbs and I’ve learned how to change my lifestyle. I eat healthier, more balanced, enjoy my food and stay in shape.

New Westminster, BC

Marwan K.

Heading into my mid-thirties, I knew that I had to clean up my diet as I could no longer get away with eating the type of junk I was eating in my earlier years.

Adrienne helped me create a well-balanced meal plan after taking the time to discuss and assess my dietary needs and preferences.

Throughout our sessions, she conducted herself in the utmost professional manner and was always available between sessions to provide additional support over email.

Port-Coquitlam, BC

Oscar M.

Adrienne is very nice and competent dietitian.
First, I thought that I could figure out how to lose weight and prevent diabetes on the internet. Then I met Adrienne and she proved me wrong. She taught me how to be more mindful about my food choices, how to change my relationship with food and how to break misconceptions that I didn’t know I had before I start visiting her.
She gave me easy and delicious recipes and important advises to organize my kitchen and my routine. I really learned how to change my lifestyle and take care of my health with her.

Adding to that, my blood exams that were borderline for diabetes and altered liver enzymes are now all normal!

Vancouver, BC

Carolina B.

Very helpful! Adrienne was absolutely patient with me since the start of my consultation with her, and addressed all of my questions and concerns throughout my sessions with her. Thanks so much again for all your help!

Vancouver, BC

Reina S.

Adrienne is very knowledgeable and attentive. She worked with me to customize a plan, according to my preferences, to find solutions to the issues I was dealing with in my diet.
Definitely recommend her!

Vancouver, BC

Johanne B.

Adrienne is a wonderful dietitian. At first I was afraid of eating carbs and often would starve myself to get nowhere. I met here and I learned meal planning and food that actually is easy, healthy and works with my busy lifestyle. Her recipes are great and super easy, even my teenager daughter loved them and started to prepare the food as well. I really enjoy her no shame approach in the consultations and the fact that she actually listen and make us stop to think about solutions to our problems. To me a dietitian is more than someone to make me a menu, is someone who can listen and be empathetic…yet keep me accountable for my progress. I was able to save money cooking at home, my skin improved, I gained confidence and I feel really good about myself. Sometimes things goes south but Adrienne put me central again. She is good and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Vancouver, BC

Camila N.

Offered realistic tips and advice, taking into consideration daily habits and personal tastes. I came away feeling capable to take control of eating habits, to be nourished and satisfied at the same time! Very helpful, overall.

Vancouver, BC

Leah R.

Adrienne really helped me work through my food issues and led me to move on to a more healthy relationship with my diet.

Vancouver, BC

Jessica M.

My sessions with Adrienne have left me feeling much more capable in handling my sugar cravings and confident with my daily food intake. She is so easy to talk to and answered all questions I had whether through our sessions or by email in between sessions. I look forward to having more time with her in future!

Vancouver, BC

Afsara C.

Right from the start, Adrienne showed professionalism and warmth. Her best practice is a lack of judgement during treatment. This helped me be open about more personal diet issues, she showed great patience and helped me find a more healthy diet and better understanding of carbohydrates.

Vancouver, BC

Christopher F.

I enjoyed working with Adrienne. As a physically active individual with a very busy lifestyle, Adrienne helped me to understand my nutritional requirements based on my activity level and how to make it work with my schedule. Eating better and healthier wasn’t about restricting myself and never being “naughty” with food. It was about balance and figuring out how to keep myself satiated, which naturally reduced my sugar cravings. Instead of completely eliminating calorific foods I enjoy eating, she helped me to find better alternatives that were more nutritionally dense. Adrienne was always available to patiently answer all my questions and was consistently encouraging despite my setbacks, continually troubleshooting my diet and lifestyle so I can achieve my goals. Highly recommend Adrienne to anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle!

Vancouver, BC

Rachel L.

Working with Adrienne was a life saver!

We contacted Adrienne when we needed help for our son’s low iron levels and ensuring he had the best options to keep him healthy. She provided some of the best ideas especially for kids, which we were able to implement within a month.

Our son is thriving and eating much better!

Thank you Adrienne for your help and giving excellent advice!

Port Moody, BC

Charlene A.

Besides being a knowledgeable practitioner of her profession, Adrienne genuinely cares for her clients, making it easy to follow her dietary recommendations.

Under her watchful eyes, I have lost 9lbs with a lowered blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels.

Burnaby, BC

Andrew Y.

Adrienne helped me create a routine in which making good choices was easy. These 3 months working together to get me healthier were really important.

I lost some pounds but most importantly, I am making good, healthier food choices on a daily basis. Thank you Adrienne!

Vancouver, BC

Ludmila P.

I came away with some simple, easy changes that really helped me feel more full throughout the day, more awake, and gave me more energy during the work day!

I would high recommend her, if you are looking to revamp your current lifestyle and see what little changes you could make for a long term effect!

Downtown Vancouver, BC

Amara P.

Adrienne was really helpful. She pointed out simple changes that I could make to my diet to get more nutrients and cut down on calories. I am very happy I decided to work with her!

Vancouver, BC

Erika R.

Adrienne is really knowledgeable about giving delicious and nutritious meal plans! I used to eat really poorly and did not really go outside my comfort zone. I wasn’t comfortable cooking in the kitchen; however, after working with her for several months, I began to enjoy cooking my own meals. I also learned how to improve my own diet and now have a more well balanced diet.

Vancouver, BC

Olivia L.

I was very happy with her meal plans and how they helped my overall health.

Vancouver, BC

Eric H.

Adrienne is great! She gave me a meal plan that took me out of my comfort zone to show me that food can be both healthy and delicious. She helped me see that there are lots of small changes/choices that can be made to eat healthier while still enjoying the foods you love. Finally, she took the guess work out of it. No more fads and confusion for me, I left her know what good choices looked like and actually enjoying making those choices!

Port Coquitlam, BC

Breanna B.

Adrienne is kind, caring, and friendly. She motivates and inspires you to try new foods, and has given me a lot of healthy recipes that have become some of my favourites! I definitely recommend her.

Vancouver, BC

Justine C.

I’m not a fan of making food but wanted to get healthier, and develop better eating habits. Adrienne was really understanding of what I was looking for and came up with solutions and advice that made me feel like she really listened to my needs. She has great tips on time-saving gadgets and I really enjoyed the consultation we had that involved a cooking class. I highly recommend Adrienne for others looking for a nutritionist.

Vancouver, BC

Alice H.

Adrienne helped me develop an awareness of foods that help my body and those that don’t make me feel as great. She also really helped with finding more nutritious alternatives for day-to-day ingredients and portion control. Adrienne was always very welcoming, non-judgemental and great at setting realistic goals! I really benefited from the sessions! Thank you, Adrienne 🙂

Vancouver, BC

Imogen T.

I reached out to Adrienne a few weeks ago because I wanted to start eating healthier and loose some weight. During the two consultation sessions I have had with her, Adrienne listened patiently and answered all my questions. She is easy to talk to, listens attentively and does not pass any judgement on your existing diet / snacking habits. The changes she recommended have been easy to follow and I feel much more informed about my food choices. Thank you Adrienne.

Vancouver, BC

Sanjay B.