Case Studies

Client G:

23lb Weight Loss and Lowest Cholesterol in 10 Years

(59, Male)

Client G felt lack of control with eating treats like cake or chips and would end up eating the whole thing.

Client G wanted to lose weight in a healthy way and create a good relationship with food. This is important to him because he wants to live healthier, longer, and feel good about his body!

He also wanted to transition to a plant-based diet but was unsure how to do that while losing weight and making sure he can meet all his nutritional needs for his body.

Fast forward 3 months, Client G has lost 23lbs and is in control of eating treats! He enjoys cheesecake and chips (his fav!) without having to feel like he needed to eat the entire cake/bag of chips!

He also dropped all his cholesterol levels! His LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and total cholesterol levels decreased and was at an all-time low since 10 years! Amazing!!

AND- Client G also succeeded in transitioning to a mostly plant-based diet that he loves, while feeling satisfied and obtaining all the nutrients he needs to stay healthy! He says that he loves the way he eats and can see himself eating this way for the long haul!!

Client G happily told me that all his clothes didn’t fit anymore and that he excitedly needed to buy new shirts, pants, and jackets for summer. 

Client R:

44.7lb Weight Loss and Reversed Diabetes and Cholesterol

(55, Male)

2 weeks into the Elite Weight Loss (EWL) coaching program, Client R was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

In the 3 months we worked together, Client R lost 29.6lbs, REVERSED his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, and lowered his cholesterol levels to NORMAL solely by changing his eating!

Client R and I worked together to create a custom eating plan to target his new diabetes diagnosis, cholesterol, and weight loss. This plan included foods he enjoys eating (sandwiches, crackers, snack foods) and variety- which Client R said was very important for him.

He has previously tried keto and working out to lose weight, but it didn’t work for him because he couldn’t see himself eating those foods in the long run.

Client R’s doctor even called him after getting his blood test results to ask him what he did to reverse his diabetes and cholesterol levels because he was so impressed!!
Client R shared with his doctor how sustainable his new eating habits are and that he credited the EWL for his weight loss and health status!

Fast forward 4 months later, Client R tells me to tell me his blood sugars got EVEN BETTER!
And his weight continues to drop each week. He is now 182.3lbs, which is a TOTAL OF 44.7lbs WEIGHT LOSS!

Client K:

23lb Weight Loss and Ended UBER Eats Cycle (28, Female)

Client K used to order UBER throughout the day and couldn’t get a handle on portions and defaulted back on UBER.

She tried losing weight with cookie cutter meal plans BUT results never lasted. She knows what healthy eating is but didn’t understand how to eat that was right for her to keep satisfied, lose weight, and tasted good.

She was told by a healthcare professional that she could never achieve sustainable weight loss (horrible!). Her relationship with food was affected from failed attempts and unsupportive feedback. It’s a BIG shame and completely WRONG!

With personalized guidance and shift in mindset, Client K got a handle of her eating, created a healthy relationship, and understood how to listen to her body and know what to eat for weight loss and to make it last!

Client A:

13lb Weight Loss, Better Blood Sugar Control & Required Less Insulin for Type 1 Diabetes 

(28, Female)

Client A is a busy account manage who was consistently overeating at every meal and it made her super uncomfortable but she didn’t know how to manage it. It was also preventing her from losing the weight she wanted and control her blood sugar for type 1 diabetes.

She would also compensate more indulgent days by restricting the following day. It was a cycle that Client A wanted to get out of.

We worked together to help her build an understanding of what feeling satisfied after a meal was (and stop overeating) and she knew a fulfilling meal looked like. Her relationship with food became positive and she stopped the cycle of restriction! She also lost weight and lowered her insulin requirements!

Client Dr V:

Managed Sugar Cravings & Created a Sustainable, Healthy Eating Plan for Her Busy Hospitalist Schedule

(42, Female)

Dr V wanted to manage her sugar cravings and create a sustainable, healthy eating plan that works for her busy MD schedule.

She reached out to me in fall 2019 because she saw one of her hospital co-workers (who was also one of my EWL coaching clients) making awesome changes to her eating (and losing weight!) and recommended me to her.

Dr V knew she wanted to make a change for a long time but needed a contact/recommendation.

Dr V works in a high stress, fast-paced environment, at THE busiest and biggest hospital in the city. Her schedule can be erratic from being on call/in the ER- which affected her eating and food choices significantly.

Together, we created a plan that works for her schedule and the important fact that she wanted simple, no-cook, plant-based, tasty options.

In 3 months, Dr V got in control of her sugar cravings and was eating regularly throughout her busy day. She also got a handle on her late night eating at the hospital.

After we completed working together in my EWL program, we still keep in touch (I always LOVE hearing from my clients).

In June 2020 (during the pandemic), she mentioned how happy she was with the dietary changes during the tough time.

To this day, she is still eating healthy and keeping up with the good eating habits she created!

Client J:

17lb Weight Loss and Created a Healthy Relationship with Food (28, Female)

Client J is a busy entrepreneur who reached out to me in summer 2020. By that time, she was struggling with weight her entire life. She tried working out hard and yo-yo dieted to lose weight and even cut calories down to 800-1200/day, but nothing worked. During quarantine, she even gained 2lbs with her attempts to lose weight. She looked into plastic surgery to get the results she wanted.

In the 3 months we worked together, Client J transformed her eating habits, mindset, and got to her goal weight…and feels GOOD physically and mentally.

In Sept 2020, she shared how proud she was of her weight loss and how confident she felt about being in control of her eating habits and mindset around food.

Fast forward to 5 months post-program, Client J reported her maintaining the weight loss and even losing MORE weight and feeling very confident in her body and her ability to manage her weight/eating.

And very importantly, she is enjoying all foods and meals and celebrations guilt-free. It was the first time since age 11 that she wasn’t worried about crash dieting.

Client KT:

Manage Emotional Eating & Lose Weight Without Restriction 

(28, Female)

Client KT was incessantly on different diets all the time and even tried taking diet pills to lose weight. She struggled with mental fog/fatigue consistently, which made staying motivated to complete tasks difficult.

We worked together to create a sustainable eating plan that includes foods she enjoys. We also worked on transforming her mindset and relationship with food.

Client KT has stopped emotionally eating completely (AMAZING) and is understanding how much and what to eat to lose weight.

She told me she never would have thought she can eat pasta (which she loves!), while losing weight. 

On our weekly coaching calls, Client KT’s confidence in herself/eating and her ability to manage stressful eating to get to her weight and wellness goals gets better and BETTER each week!

She reported that her mental fog/fatigue has also disappeared.

Client P:

Created a Healthier Relatioship with Food & Knowledgeable for Weight Loss

(72, Female)

Client P was in an endless loop of dieting, trying Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, keto, and detox diets.

Nothing got her lasting weight loss, and consistent dieting severely affected her relationship with food.

She would avoid carbs because she thought it caused her wheat belly but she loves sweets, so when she does have them, she overindulges and feels so guilty after.
She kept telling herself that she had no control and would be angry with herself after eating.

Her mind was consistently filled with criticizing messages about her body, weight, and food choices or lack thereof.

Fast forward 3 months of working together, Client P’s relationship with food has improved 360. She eats carbs throughout the day and enjoys them without guilt.

The negative messages there crosses her mind are far and few in-between, and she can enjoy half a muffin or scone and be OK with that (not that she needs to eat only half!).

She’s built the confidence, knowledge, and trust in herself and food choices to help her have a healthy relationship and lose weight (10lbs!).

This was all while Client P was enjoying sailing trips, Okanagan wine touring, and other days away to visit out of town friends and family.

Client S:

Slimmed Down to Look & Feel Healthy with a Sustainable Way of Eating (pizza included!)

(28, Female)

Client S had previously tried Whole30 and lost 15-20lbs but said she “hated every bit of it” and gained the weight back soon after she stopped.

She worked with a personal trainer but knew that she had to get her diet in order to get the results she wanted (and she IS RIGHT about this!).

Client S is a driven, goal-oriented accountant. I created a personalized meal plan that is detail-oriented, number-focused, and of course, FOOD centered to get her to her goals- which really resonated for Client S.

Plus, Client S emphasized that she LOVES cheesy foods and pizza, so I made sure the plan included it for her!

She was also dealing with crashing after and between meals and consistent headaches. With my custom eating plan (type of food and times for eating), Client S now says her crashing and headaches are much better and less frequent!

Her midsection is tighter and smaller, her skin looks clearer, and she is now dedicated to eating right.

She has the education, tools, and resources to continue with her journey to looking better and feeling good!