COVID-19 was quite a surprise for 2020. I remember going into a new decade with big dreams for travel, my business, and hobbies, only to be interrupted by a worldwide pandemic.

The pandemic not only changed the way we live and work but also our eating habits…which may have resulted in unwanted weight gain.

It was a challenging year and food for comfort and less physical activity than normal was part of a regular routine for many. There was so much emotions of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Now, as the pandemic is (hopefully) ending (yay!)- resuming a new normal routine and prioritizing your health and weight loss goals may be a top priority for you.


Here are 5 practical and simple ways to get you started on your weight loss journey TODAY

1. Be in a calorie deficit. This means having less calories than your body needs to maintain your current weight. This is the ONLY way to lose weight. 

A healthy way is to aim for 250-500 calorie deficit per day to get a 0.5-1lb weight loss per week. This might not sound like much weight loss, but over time, it will add up. 

1lb/week over 10 weeks is 10lbs of weight loss- now doesn’t that sound great!

It’s important to know that weight loss is not linear for most people. Fluctuations are normal which brings me to my next point…

2. Stay consistent. Don’t come in with an all-or-nothing approach. Instead, understand that not every day will be perfect but consistency means success.

For example, professional athletes don’t score a goal at every attempt and at every game, but they consistently practice. With practice, they’re prepared to make the goals. 

Similar to weight loss, stay consistent and you will see the results over time. 

3. Stay hydrated. Our bodies’ cells need fluid to function and if you’re dehydrated, you might automatically reach for food to get that hydration when you may just be good old H20. 

Foods like fruits, carbs or meat are packed with water. So you might be eyeing the food, but your body just needs the hydration.

4. Eating enough veggies. 

Obviously eating veggies is healthy BUT veggies help with weight loss since it adds bulk and fiber. 

Bulk and fiber keeps you feeling satiated and prevents you from gravitating towards more foods. Watch my YouTube video below to get tips on interesting ways to add more veggies into your day.

5. Include carbs with your meals. When you avoid eating carbs you won’t feel satisfied at meals and end up snacking on carb heavy options like chips, chocolate, candy, or pastries. 

Our body needs carbs to operate effectively. In fact, our brain runs exclusively on carbs- which is why when you avoid carbs, you might not think as well or get that brain fog. 

But do you feel that you get “addicted” to carbs if you eat them? You can prevent this “addiction” effect- learn more about how to include carbs in your meals and still lose weight in my YouTube video below. 



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