Did you know that staying hydrated helps with weight loss?

How does water help with weight loss and what’s the science behind it?

To give you some context, our bodies are about 60% water.

Water is key for digestion, absorbing, and moving nutrients around and out of our bodies (like peeing or pooping), for keeping the cells in our body together, and keeping our body temperature normal- so it’s super important to have!

    There are 3 key reasons how hydration can help with weight loss:

    1. It helps increase metabolism:

    In the obesity research journal, a study looked at 173 overweight women and tested for association between water intake and weight loss over 12 months and were trying to lose weight.  What they found was increased water intake was associated with decreased body weight and lower % body fat.  These results were not seen with unsweetened or diet drinks but only water.

    They mentioned that associations or behavioral ques with drinking other 0 calories beverages may also play a role. For example, if you drink diet coke, it might trigger you to want to eat a snack with that, if you have always associated coke with a snack.  That being said, you can be aware if you have this association and break it!

    Drinking more than 1L/day had about a 5lb weight loss over the 12 months.

    The reason for this is because water promotes our bodies to increase energy used and helps with lipolysis.

    A small research study found that drinking 500ml of water increased metabolic rate by 30% for about 30-40 minutes.

    2. Water helps with the function of lipolysis

    Water helps our cells work properly and more specifically, water helps in the process of lipolysis. Lipolysis is the the breakdown of fat cells in our body because lipo is fat and lysis is breakdown.

    Research found that increasing fluid intake, increases our mitochondria to work. Mitochondria is like the furnace in our house. It creates energy (or heat) for the house to work. in our cells. It converts energy  in  our cells and increases metabolism.

    3. Hydration helps with satiety

    This is because it adds volume to food without the calories. Foods that are high in water content and low in calories are veggies and fruit. Carbs and protein like bread, rice, pasta, and beans, lentils, and animal protein like chicken or beef are also high in water content.

    The increase in water content increases the volume of your stomach, signaling to your brain that you are full. This prevents you from over eating or eating to get your body hydrated.

    4. Dehydration can also cause you to feel fatigued.

    When you feel fatigued, it can cause you to less likely engage in activities because of your low energy levels.

    Check out 4 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated, in my part 2 on hydration. 


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