Keto and low carb are the HOTTEST diets. We see people on social media who swears by it to lose weight.

Maybe you’ve tried it yourself and have been successful BUT the weight loss didn’t last- sound familiar?

You might be asking yourself why?! Then go back to keto/low carb because you’ve had some success with it and you see others achieve their goals.

(And if you’ve read my story, I was one of these people. I yo-yo’d low carb (Atkins) for years of my life when I was a nutrition/dietitian student…because I’ve had success with it, so I always went back to it.)

The truth behind why low carb/keto hasn’t been successful for you is likely one of these 3 reason below.

1. You cut carbs at meals but compensate with snacks. Maybe you tell yourself “I’m doing so well since I can cut carbs at meals, so I deserve a few chips”.

But what actually happens after? 

You tend to over snack to compensate for the carbs you missed since you’re feeling “hungry” and that your low carb diet earlier will “make up for this”. 

2. Your “cheat day” undoes all your hard work. 

“I was so good all week, so now it’s time to let loose and treat myself.”

The calorie deficit you worked to achieve goes straight out the window in one day or meal. 

3. You’re doing “lazy keto”.

You feel good that you are taking some sort of action towards weight loss. But the reality is is that you haven’t lost ANY weight. Your actions are futile.

You’re left frustrated and think you need to restrict carbs even more or that your body “doesn’t respond well to low carb anymore”.


Keto or low carb isn’t the answer to lasting weight loss, IF you can’t keep following it!

You may have had some weight loss success before with these diet because you eliminated at least an entire food group (grain products and probably also fruits).

With that elimination, you were in a calorie deficit (needed for weight loss)…BUT the weight came back on quickly soon after, that’s because you can’t avoid eating carbs forever! But you blame it on the carbs…but truth is it’s just calories.

Ok, so then if it’s just calories, you might think to just go back to avoiding carbs to cut calories. BUT again, it doesn’t work because if it did, you would have been successful the FIRST time you were on keto/low carb.

Cutting carbs is only a short-term solution and you end up derailing from weight loss because of 1, 2, or 3 from the post.

This leads you stuck in an endless cycle… and in your mind, you still hold on to no carbs = weight loss because it kinda worked ONCE and that’s what you remember.

Keto/low carb is like the ex you keep going back to- you know they aren’t good for you, but you go back because you remember the good times you shared, until you’re back together and then you know it doesn’t work.

It’s time to BREAK the cycle! 

So what can you do instead?

Follow these 5 practical steps to get you started on your weight loss journey TODAY!


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