In Part 1 on Hydration, I shared WHY staying hydrated helps with weight loss and the fat burning in our body (lipolysis). You can read more about that post here. 

    Here are 4 easy ways to stay hydrated:

    1. Adding ice cubes with crushed fruit to your water. Or if plain water isn’t your thing, try carbonated water. A canned fav of mine is @lacroixwater peach pear, it reminds me of a pear cider. Or try another of my favs- chilled, brewed Korean barley tea (with cucumbers for added refreshment) or crushed berries in carbonated water. There’s also bubbly water that is sweetened with stevia, which I enjoy and doesn’t leave an after taste- however, I know that some people don’t like sweeteners, do it’s a personal preference!

    2. Carrying a water bottle with you or bring an insulated tumbler to keep your beverage cold or warm. No one likes cold tea that supposed to be hot or warm carbonated water. There are tumblers that keep liquid hot or cold for up to 24 hrs.

    I use this tumbler all the time when I’m working because I like my tea hot!

    3. Set a timer on your phone to remind you to take sips from your tumbler or bottle. I see this as a bigger problem with my busy professional clients who get consumed with their work and forget to stay hydrated. Make sure to make drinking water a priority!

    4. Make it a priority to stay hydrated before and after your physical activity.

    Be aware that with warmer weather and increased physical activity (like hiking, biking, jogging, and even walking),  this can cause you to sweat more and sweating also keeps your body cool. Be aware like how I mentioned, that your body might mistaken hunger for thirst and cause you to gravitate towards food. Before you do that, try having a few sips of water to see how you feel after a few minutes.

    5. If you’re at a park or doing a physical activity, pack fruit and veggies as a snack. Try veggie sticks and hummus or yogurt and fruit (berries, oranges, watermelon). These are low cal and high water content snacks. Plus, they are also refreshing!

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